Holiday Visiting with Securus

For families who have loved ones in the prison system, it can be difficult to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. If this has been an issue for you in the past and you know that the holidays are coming up, you may be trying to find a better way for you to keep in touch with your loved one without having to make a long trip to the prison itself because you do not have the time to do this. Securus is a great product and brand for you to make you so when it comes to keeping in touch with your loved one and it is something that you will find incredibly beneficial in the long run.


During Christmas, it is a good idea for you to make sure that you are able to keep in touch with your loved one through video visitation on the internet. When you begin to make use of Securus, you will find that this is a wonderful company for you to utilize each and every day because of the fact that you can finally visit your loved one during the holiday season without it affecting you.


Securus is a great website for you to make you so when it comes to video visitation with a loved one. Another wonderful benefit when using Securus is that it is a great secure website that you can truly feel confident using each and every day.


It is very important that if you think Securus can work for you, you begin to use it right away. I have personally been using Securus for quite some time now and have had nothing but great success with it. In fact, I have continually recommended Securus to a variety of different people who are interested in keeping in touch with their loved ones during the holiday season. It could be more than a little difficult to keep in touch with your loved ones during Christmas if they are behind bars and this is why Securus has made it incredibly easy for you to do this in a more secure and responsible manner.


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Better Investment with Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a professional investor, who is located in Santiago, California.He is the Secretary, Chairman, President CFO and CEO at Trucept, Inc. He graduated from James Watt technical where he studied a bachelor’s degree in technical engineering.

He advanced to pursue masters in mechanical engineering from Stafford University between the year 1973 and 1985. He is greatly renowned as an expert therefore, Cambridge awarded him with their finance Executive of the Year award. He takes part in various honored organization like the American Finance Association.

The crucial measure of finance is through investing, Brian Bonar has a lot of knowledge throughout the years. He has actually taken the game to another level. He assists thousands of clients all over the world with their finance. His achievement has made a lot of clients looking for him for guidance.

He is well-known and skilled finance administrator. He always start with corporate structures from nothing to something great. A lot of his achievement involves being a leader in Dalrada Financial Company as well as procurement executive for IBM. He has assisted over than 100 clients by managing as the director of engineering in QMS.

He founded a company called Bezier System which his skills impressively helped him in his achievements. Trucept is a devoted company managed by Brian Bonar and it helps starting and average corporates through concluding their work by giving them greater solutions, including assisting them in managing employee interests and their salaries. Trucept delivers improved work solutions and rewards and appreciate each company which they are in partnership.

Trucept helps various huge businesses to nurture, helping them to take the risk management because it is a crucial aspect in a company. it assist companies to achieve these aspects hence generating a decent appearance of their company. Trucepts also helps in taxes needs and payroll.

Brian Bonar’s permanent aim is to endure and be a motivating leader through creating and providing standards outcomes to his clients.

Eric Pulier: a Multi-talented Venture Capitalist

Eric Pulier, an internationally acclaimed author, philanthropist, and businessperson, was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. He attended Harvard University and majored in English and American Literature. Pulier wrote articles for the Harvard Crimson during his University life. While pursuing his degree at Harvard, Pulier decided to sign up for computer programming lessons at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After completing his studies at Harvard and MIT, Pulier moved to Los Angeles, California to focus on his professional career.

Pulier’s Professional Background

Pulier founded People Doing Things (PDT), a Los Angles-based company that aims at solving social problems by utilizing the latest technology.Eric Pulier used the skills he acquired from MIT with his passion for technology to start the company. He also founded a leading interactive agency know as Digital Evolution in 1994. In a move to allow Digital Evolution regarding productivity, the company merged with an interactive agency called US Interactive LLC. Besides starting PDT and Digital Evolution, Pulier was among the technology gurus who built a social networking platform that enabled kids suffering from chronic illnesses to blog and chat. Other successful ventures founded by him include Desktone, Akana, and Media Platform.

The 1997 Presidential Inaugural Committee assigned Pulier a task to develop a technology exhibition called “The Bridge to the 21st Century”. Pulier successfully developed the exhibition and implemented it in Washington D.C. This job created opportunities for him. For example, he was one of the tech gurus who participated in a healthcare and technology oriented forum known as Al Gore. During the conference, Pulier advised other members on several ways in which the health department could integrate technology into its day-to-day operations. He is a co-author of Understanding Enterprise SOA, a book themed on service-oriented architecture.

Charity Work

Pulier participates in charity work besides using technology to solve social problems. He seats in X-Prize’s innovation board as a member. X-Prize as an institution organizes competitions with the aim of emancipating people on challenges facing humanity.

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Town Residential Remains A Top Real Estate Agency in NYC

Many property developers are offering high-end luxury products to the New York real estate market, and customers are provided with many choices. Hence, many NYC properties and real estate companies struggle to provide unique customer property solutions that will seem viable in the competitive arena.


Town Residential controls a large portion of NYC properties sales. It is the leading active real estate developer in New York and its surrounding areas. Town Residential has developed a couple of luxury condo projects on 212 Fifth Avenue. The company is still witnessing activities and believes that it is priced and well-located quality projects will continue thriving in the dynamic New York Real Estate landscape.


The company has an exceptional team of experts specially assembled to discover the sensibility and modernity of the real estate world. The company’s idea is to combine quality to create the property that appeals to the broad customer base. Town Residential is currently embarking on ongoing developments. Located on 3537 36th Astoria Street, 240 Brooklyn Bedford Avenue, and at 195 Montague Street, these new establishments are aimed to be among the few ground-up and purpose-built construction projects to grace the New York skyline in many years to come. These buildings have already been designed by the company’s leading architects and are meant to complement the existing buildings and neighborhoods. The company aims for new developments in the meat packing district and projects higher annual price appreciation due to its broad Brooklyn property markets.


The group has developed or acquired multi-billion dollar property worth including retail spaces and residential units since its inauguration. The majority of property customers in New York are domestic buyers. Most of them have already purchased property in New York or work and live here. Over the past few years, Town Residential has also achieved international sales with most customers coming from mainland China, the Asia Pacific region, Middle East, South America, and Europe.


The Making of Sweetgreen

It is not a walk in the park for anybody to start and sustain a business. In the wake of stiff competition and increase in the cost of management, many businesses fails to see through their first anniversary. As a result, that company that survives their first year since inception is most likely to last the long run. The gourmet and fast food industry are plagued with the mush rooming business offering similar products and services. In order to survive such a slippery industry, you need to come up with a business plan that makes you stand out in the face of competition.


Sweetgreen is an example of a restaurant that has been existing since 2007. The over a decade of its existence has been due to the hard work and dedication of its more than able co- CEOs. The home of delicacies was founded by Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru and Jonathan Neman. All three of them graduated from Georgetown University as business students. They also happened to have shared common classes in the University. It can be concluded that their agreement to open a restaurant might have been reached at while they were still in college


Their mode of management not only make Sweetgreen a better restaurant but also offer standard services in all the restaurants. The organization does not have a designated headquarters. As a result, each restaurant is run autonomously making each equally important.


Nathaniel Ru and his co-CEOs are very hardworking. Since inception, it had 64 outlets operating in the USA in California, Illinois, Massachusets, Maryland and other parts of the USA. The organization is also a major employer to neighboring communities as it currently has over 1700 employees under its umbrella.


All the hard work that Nathaniel Ru and company puts on the organization is a testament that hard work pays. The team has risen beyond the competition to become one of the most favored restaurants in the United States.


A good leader is always the server to his followers. Although Nathaniel leads the organization, he does not lead it in all aspects. According to him, having a dedicated team is the secret towards success in business. Since the early days, the organization has had dedicated team of employees who got its back. As a result, they have always steered the team towards success.




OrganoGold Succeeds Across the World

Is there anything people love more than coffee? Millions of people around the world enjoy starting their day with a hot beverage be it coffee, tea, cocoa, or something else. They may end their day with a hot beverage and enjoy one at several points in between sunrise and sunset.

If there was a common denominator among people who enjoy different drinks, it would be quality. The CEO of OrganoGold, Bernardo Chua, knows people want something made of exceptional quality. This is why he invested a lot of time developing quality coffee and other beverages and distributing throughout the world.

Bernardo Chua and the management of OrganoGold also know something else about people: everyone needs to earn money. Quality products help move sales. OrganoGold is not just a product available for the public to purchase. Through a network marketing system, anyone who lives in a region in which OrganoGold is being distributed can join the vaunted network.

Upon signing up as an OrganoGold affiliate member, an entrepreneur can use the network/multilevel marketing approach — a very diverse approach — to sell coffee and more. Considering the rave reviews OrganoGold receives, moving the product through an advertising campaign that promotes its greatness should not be overly complicated.

And OrganoGold is growing across the globe. One great idea by Bernardo Chua was to develop a unique global distribution network designed to enter the product into more and more markets.

The country of Turkey, a land in which coffee shops are extremely popular, is now opened to OrganoGold products. New markets open all the time, which is good for buyers and sellers. There is a reason why Bernardo Chua has won awards for his expertise in multilevel marketing.

One thing that sets OrganoGold apart from other beverages is the inclusion of ganoderma lucidum, a mushroom noted for its nutritional benefits.

The combination of publicity, positive reviews, and good sales figures contribute to the success.