ClassDojo Raises 21 Million In Funding For Its Educational App 

The educational system is very important. The educational system provides the foundation for children as they move from K-12. The children in the educational system depend on the system to provide the various things that are needed to educate the children. One of the changes that has occurred in the educational system over the past few decades is the use of technology. This change has made a tremendous difference in how things are currently done in the educational system.

The use of technology has become a major part of the educational system. From kindergarten through high school, children are now exposed to technology at all levels of the educational system. The technology that is used in the educational system spans across all aspects from administration to the classroom. The use of technology has allowed administrators as well as teachers to do things that were not possible decades ago.

While technology has been integrated into many areas of the educational system and used for many purposes, one aspect of the educational system where technology has not been used much is the traditional teacher and parent conference. Most people have experienced the traditional teacher and parent conference at some point in their life.

ClassDojo is a technology company that is making tremendous strides in the technology realm of the educational system. The company has developed an app for school systems that allows teachers, students, and parents to use the app for a wide range of purposes.

There is a feature of the ClassDojo app that allows for teachers and parents to communicate whenever needed regarding school related activities. Teachers or parents can send a message using the app that is sent over the app platform. Once sent, the message can be responded to by the receiver of the message. The communication by teachers and parents regarding the app is a viable alternative to the traditional teacher and parent face to face conference.

School systems across the country have been using the ClassDojo app and the response has been excellent. Recently ClassDojo raised 21 million dollars for the enhancement of the app. The money will be used to add new features, functions, and options for the app.

Tips on hiring an event planner

Are you planning to hold an event? You may have no experience at doing so, especially if the event you want to hold is big. At this point, it is normal to consider hiring an event planner. There are numerous event planning companies in New York City. You should however purpose to pick the best. Here are some few tips that may come in handy when doing so.

– You need to tell your planner about what you want the event to accomplish. Before hiring one, you should outline your objectives. At this stage, make all the adjustments that you deem appropriate.

– From the objectives, you should identify the reasons that push you to hire a planner. This will help you distinguish the planner’s tasks from yours. You can then come up with an estimated budget. The budget will help you establish the number of people you want in the event.

– You can now identify three event planners from the connections you have. Consult the local chambers of commerce, your professional affiliation or any other reliable source you may know. Put proper research into this and avoid using word of mouth.

– After you have narrowed down to three planners, interview them three or more times while presenting your ideas and event details to them. Make sure that you meet each one of them in person at least once. This will help you establish a good rapport.

– Work closely with the planner and fire them whenever they seem incompetent. You can always hire another one.

About Twenty Three Layers

Among the many event planners in New York City, you should consider hiring one from Twenty Three Layers. The company offers all types of event planning services in packages. It works to make one’s event energetic by including creative elements in it. It’s unique and stylish approach, combined with the services of other world class event planning establishments, makes Twenty Three Layers stand out. From corporate events to family gatherings, you can always count on the company.

How Cone Marshall Has Grown To Rank Globally In Tax And Estate Litigation

Law is a huge industry that has been serving people in different specialties who are looking to solve problems of varied nature. Business is one of the areas where lawyers have tapped into to ensure entrepreneurs and investors face easy time while handling their cases involving taxation. Cone Marshall, based in New Zealand, is one of the law firms across the world that is known for offering unique and high quality tax and estate litigation services that are designed to help clients in diverse industries to access the guidance they need to resolve their problems.


Founded in 1999, Cone Marshall has developed a system that allows access to easy support among clients in different specialties. It has developed a system that makes it easy for individuals in remote areas to receive services. One of the reasons Cone Marshall has managed to serve clients from overseas markets is having an online system that offers easy filing and sharing of information.


This technology has eliminated much of the wait time that leads to loses among clients and it is one of the reasons Cone Marshall has been receiving work from clients based overseas. Additionally, Cone Marshall has employed skilled professionals who are versed well with the online system to make it easy to process cases.


They are also looking to establish physical offices in other countries to serve the rising demand for their unique estate and tax litigation services.


Professionals behind the success

All the success that Cone Marshall enjoys is a function of the effort its leaders have applied to managing different sections. Since inception in 1999, the firm has emphasized on the need to work with dedicated professionals who understand its mission. Karen Marshall is a leader whose support to the firm has helped it to grow from a basic unit to an international entity.


She boasts of years of experience and in the one decade she has been at the firm, she has introduced many profitable ideas that have also helped to develop Cone Marshall. Geoffrey Cone works with Cone Marshall as the overall leader to ensure all the plans laid are implemented accurately.

Lime Crime Cosmetics, Providing Makeup for Unicorns


What a catchy name. What is this Cosmetics Company? The company is taking makeup and makeup colors to the next level. Think about unicorns and all their color. Matter-of-fact, on the cosmetic company website it reads, Makeup for Unicorns. How awesome is that? Don’t we all love Unicorns?


This company is also cruelty-free. One may ask what cruelty-free means. If you are an animal lover, this is the brand for you. Cruelty-free means none of the products sold are tested on animals. Let’s face it, are animals even ours? Therefore, this cosmetic company is an animal cruelty-free company that makes colorful makeup suitable for even unicorns!


One that’s looking to change his or her style or step-up their game, take a look at their brand. If you are shopping for that quality Unicorn style, animal cruelty-free lipsticks, liquid liners, superfoils, and more, order at Some additional stores or websites to get authentic products from this company are , Urban Outfitters in the New York, Texas, Illinois, and California, and

The makeup fit for unicorns has information flowing on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and snap chat. Looking at the colorful products sold by them will awaken everyone’s inner Unicorn.

Right now on the company website, there are some very attractive colors and bundles one can choose. They are offering a limited edition velve-tin bundle right now that looks fantastic. There are some eye-catching colors in the Unicorn lipstick line that are new as well, to name a few lace-up, soft spot, bomber, hoodie, choker, and my personal favorite, fishnet.


In conclusion, Lime Crime Cosmetics loves animals, and that is why Leaping Bunny and PETA recognize them as a cruelty-free company. If you care about animals, making a choice to wear this line of cosmetics will be an easy one. Besides, if you are looking for bold, sexy, beautiful, or maybe just a change to something different, take a look at what they have to offer. If they create makeup for Unicorns, and the makeup line is Unicorn approved, the choice should be easy.

Richard Blair’s Financial Guidance Solutions at Wealth Solutions Inc.

Wealth Solutions Inc. (WSI) is a company that has been trusted for about two decades for offering dependable investment solutions. The enterprise was founded by Richard Blair in 1994, and it has been licensed in the United States as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) company. The firm established unique approaches, which it uses in providing top-notch financial advice to its clients.

Mr. Blair controls the company, and he acknowledges that it is necessary for everyone to have well-planned strategies that can facilitate them as they struggle to achieve their goals. He has worked hard to offer the best services to the residents of Austin.

The finance and retirement solutions that are provided by the company are focused on helping the customers to develop, control, and manage their property. Mr. Blair has skills and experience in providing finance guidance, and he uses it to assist the company’s clients. His services are trusted because of the accreditations that he has, and they include RICP, CAS, CES, and CFA.

The services of Rihard Blair Wealth Solutions are controlled by three pillars. The strategies that it has created have simplified the examination and comprehending of the financial potential of a person and what they target to have when they retire. The also enable the company to have a variety of personalized strategies for the clients.

According to DataFox, The major pillar that Richard Blair Wealth Solutions uses is focused on knowing the clients’ financial requirements. It assists the firm to understand the objectives, aims, growth platforms, and risk tolerance of a person.

The second pillar’s function is to develop long-term plans that can address the investment needs of an individual. The plans that are created are modified to suit the exact financial requirements of clients as well as their investment and retirement objectives. Mr. Blair has been a finance professional for many years, and therefore, he has ample experience.

He can modify the portfolio of a client to ensure that they make significant returns when the markets are on the peak and feel the minimum impact when they are in the low seasons. The final pillar deals with the insurance needs of the clients. It conducts this by comprehending the aims of the customers and developing policies that can assist in achieving them.

His services are mainly sought after by high net worth individuals, family businesses, and small enterprises. Mr. Blair offers his services by combining his expertise in finance and the teaching knowledge that he acquired from his mother and grandmother who were both teachers.

Geoffrey Cone Sheds Light on New Zealand’s Tax and Foreign Trusts Policy

Around 2008 to 2012, there were numerous media reports around the world that New Zealand was a tax haven. Media outlets, including respectable ones, portrayed the country as an exotic land full of sexy thrillers and wealthy people.


Well, lawyer Geoffrey Cone gave his opinion on what the country’s tax and foreign trusts policy was. You see, Geoffrey Cone is a respected tax and trust law expert. He holds an LLB Degree from New Zealand’s the University of Otago and a post graduate diploma. He has been practicing since 1980.


Cone once worked as a litigator in British West Indies before returning to Auckland in 1997. He has vast experience in commercial litigation, trust, and advisory. In 1999, he founded his practice, Cone Marshall Limited. His firm is the only legal outfit in New Zealand that exclusively specializes in tax planning and international trust.


Firstly, he states that New Zealand was not among the countries that the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) classifies as tax havens. According to the organization, tax havens are countries that lack tax transparency, impose little if any nominal taxes and conceal financially and tax information with other nations.


He explains that New Zealand was among the first countries to implement OECD’s 2012 Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters.


The respectable tax lawyer says that New Zealand’s handling of foreign trusts and its trustee regulations is a testament to its leadership in tax transparency. These regulations assist other governments in obtaining relevant tax information.


In the wake of extensive consultation, then Minister of Finance, Michael Cullen introduced new rules in foreign tax in 2006. One of the rules requires all New Zealand resident trustees to submit forms of Foreign Trust Disclosure at the Inland Revenue Department. Further, trustees should keep financial and tax records for the department to inspect.


According to Geoffrey Cone, the country’s laws facilitate the exchange of vital tax and financial details. For example, international authorities have access to details of distributions and settlements, names and addresses of recipients, the trust’s liabilities and assets as well as trustee receipts and expenditures.


The law in New Zealand states that the above records should be reserved within the country and recorded in English. The failure of any trustee to follow these regulations calls for hefty penalties.


Cone concludes that New Zealand does not compete with tax havens. Instead, the country emulates Britain, Singapore and the United States for their exemplary tax transparency. He urges media outlets, companies and individuals to avoid eroding the country’s hard-fought reputation for tax transparency.



Fabletics: Fun, Stylish Athlesure Wear For Women Of All Sizes

Fabletics is a company launched by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in July 2013. Initially an online subscription retailer, Fabletics sells an innovative line of women’s sportswear as well as accessories called athleisure. Based on members lifestyle and fashion preferences they’re offered personalized outfits that are chosen especially for them. A subsidiary of JustFab, the Fabletics line was expanded in June 2015 to include a men’s activewear line called FL2. Beginning in spring 2016 the company also began offering women’s dresses and swimsuits. In August 2016 Fabletics’ parent company, JustFab changed its name to TechStyle Fashion Group.

Fabletics was created to give women of every size and shape easy access to high-quality, affordable performance gear designed to help them get healthy and look good doing it. The clothing in the Fabletics line is made from spandex-like sweat-wicking materials that give women the freedom to move with ease whether they are having a night out with friends, working out at the gym of lounging on the beach.

Initially conceived as strictly an online subscription company that delivers clothing directly to its members, Fabletics has begun opening brick and mortar stores. In fall 2015 the company began operating retail stores in General Growth Properties Inc. and Westfield owned malls in cities throughout Colorado, New Jersey, Ohio, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina and several other locations. Reports state Fabletics plans to open between 75 and 100 retail locations over the next 5 years. Its goal is to make its comfortable, stylish, affordable clothing easily accessible to as many women as possible.

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CMO of Kate Hudson’s athleisure brand Fabletics on retail industry

When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, Co-CEOs of JustFab Inc. decided to get together with Kate Hudson to launch Fabletics, the brand was conceived to provide the activewear marketplace with easily accessible stylish, high-quality women’s wear at affordable prices. Members simply filled out a survey listing their lifestyle and workout preferences. For less than $50 a month they would receive personalized outfits chosen for them based on their stated preferences. Now with Kate Hudson’s vision the three are working to make Fabletics all inclusive.

As the company celebrates its third anniversary the focus is now on making Fabletics all inclusive. To do this they are creating clothing not only for fitness fanatics and casual athletes, but on women of all sizes as well. Fabletics now offers a wider range of sizes to accommodate women that are just a bit bigger. It’s an exciting time. The company calls this new expansion a celebration of women of all sizes. This move is designed to produce stylish clothing that look good on any woman regardless of her size.

Now no matter their size or shape more women have access to fun, fashionable, stylish clothing at affordable prices. Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are in the midst of revolutionizing clothing for women.

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