Arthur Becker Discusses Bio Tech Investments and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Madison Partners LLC is the latest venture that tech mogul and real estate developer Arthur Becker is undertaking. Arthur Becker has a vast resume behind him of successful business ventures, investment firms, and more. Becker’s story has been quite riveting to follow along as he has pretty much embodied what it means to be an entrepreneur. Today we are going to dig into Becker’s newest venture with Madison Partners in order to see what makes him tick, where he sees his company going, and what new marketing trends are on his mind.

Madison Partners is already making an impact in the real estate field of New York City. The company has a pair of real estate developments grabbing headlines. One development is located on Sullivan Street in Soho while the other development is in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan — right near Becker’s own personal office. These real estate developments serve as Becker’s big chance to take the reigns as a lead developer in the real estate world. Becker had previously largely been a quiet backer for bigger developers in the city. Now his training seems to have paid off and he is determined to make his own mark. But that isn’t all that Becker is paying attention to.

Becker says, “I am very intrigued by a number of trends in bio tech, particularly in the field of cancer treatment.” While bio tech is a long ways away from real estate development, it is something that Becker and Madison Partners will be pursuing wholeheartedly. Arthur Becker admits that he doesn’t have any medical training but he believes that he is still sufficiently educated and exposed enough to different information in order to start making informed decisions. In fact, Becker seems to be completely passionate about this side of the business.

Things haven’t always been great for Becker, but they haven’t been bad for a while. When prodded as to the worst job he’s ever worked Arthur Becker had to go all the way back to when he was just 16 years old when he mowed lawns for the Parks Department for $1.60 per hour. Becker cites that job as the driving force behind his own entrepreneurial spirit.

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The Reality Of Fantasy Baseball

Thanks to such extravagant fantasy baseball packages, 2017 looks like a year to remember. Moreover, millions of baseball fans now have the ability to view exclusive content. In addition, such packages give fans the ability to oversee their team like never before. Furthermore, fans have the ability to completely access to all things baseball. With such freedom, baseball fans can expect to have an awesome 2017. As Martin Gonzalez’s ownership rose exponentially in one week, fans remain confident in their support for him.


Moreover, fans seem particularly fond of Luis Perdomo. Since his last three starts, Perdomo has remained on the prowl. In fact, his ERA went from 9.00 to 4.18. However, his showing remained relatively impressive. To expound further, his strikeout rate has fared better than before. This remains noteworthy due to the fact that he never had a homer since he began. Although he owns 20 percent of leagues, Perdomo remains a prominent play in the NL-only leagues. Therefore, he should consider more mixed leagues if he wants to preserve his 70 percent groundball rate. Moreover, fans should remain hopeful that he will receive a win.


Another player to consider includes Ben Gamel. Since his recall from “triple-A,” Gamel remains on the tongues of numerous baseball enthusiasts. Moreover, he remains focused on making the Mariners handle the loss of Mitch Haniger. For those unaware, Mitch Haniger remains injured. However, he batted .373 with a couple of homers and around 11 RBIs. With such a record, he has managed to remain relevant in the Seattle lineup. Moreover, fans interested in Gamel should take his stolen base record into consideration. With that being said, Gamel’s record remains at 45 bases in the previous three seasons of the Yankee’s minor leagues. Due to such lineup, the MLB lineup looks impressive.

Eva Moskowitz’s Successes in Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz, in less than a decade, has grown the largest New York City’s charter-school network. The charter-school network includes 34 campuses that serve 11,000 students. Eva’s Success Academies are producing recommendable results.

Consider the state schools in New York with the best scores related to proficiency and you’ll note that about half of the mathematics leading ten is Success Academy students. Similarly, in English, about a sixth of the top 20 are from the same institution. The is irrespective of the fact most Success students are from struggling neighborhoods and families and begin their study with various difficulties against them.

How has Eva become a leader linked to education?
Not only was Eva Moskowitz raised by two professors and studied in public schools in Harlem before completing her Ph.D., but also she ran for NYCC (New York City Council) dedicated to improving public schools which. She gained a reputation as a fearless and hard-nosed representative for higher standards and accountability. With the aim of demonstrating a better option and satisfied with status quo, Eva utilized philanthropic funds for founding her first charter school in 2006 in Harlem.

Eva Moskowitz’s has made remarkable accomplishments with minority and poor children in the educational sector. In fact, the Wall Street Journal denotes her as the greatest enemy of the Teachers Union. Politicians such as Bill de Blasio contested for the mayor’s seat on the mantra that Eva must stop being supported, tolerated and enabled. She continues to defend her work against such people by progressing in expanding the Success Academy accomplishments which, leaves most people questioning how she manages her work.

What are some of the educational strategies and techniques that she promotes?
Eva Moskowitz believes that for students to excel academically, they require a robust curriculum as well as active and energetic teachers challenging them to succeed. Children should know that the adults surrounding them have expected high grades from them. Also, students ought to believe they have a capacity of excelling academically.

Eva not only teaches arts in English language and math at high levels but also chess and science as well as arts and sports. She ensures that her children’s teachers work hand-in-hand with their peers, receive constant feedback, go through rigorous training and receive in-depth and regular professional development. Moskowitz encourages her schools to be quite responsive to guardians or parents by responding to every phone call from parents.

Karl Heideck Reveals Growing Litigation Financing Market

Karl Heideck Reveals Growing LitigationIn the article “The 2017 Litigation Finance Market is Taking Hold”, Karl Heideck discusses the growing litigation financing market. Because litigation is a constant risk for companies, they need to make sure they are protected against financial backlash.

Litigation financing provides the financial backing for any lawsuits for those engaged in both large and small scale claims. After significantly growing over the past 6 years, litigation financing is predicted to move through more jurisdictions providing services such as legal financing, portfolio investment, and counseling.

However, the issue comes from the litigation financiers focusing on corporations who are not enthused about allowing external parties to influence asset management. Instead of presenting themselves as a controlling factor of assets, third-party financiers seek to market themselves as a method to settle litigation, providing security for the companies at risk for lawsuits.

This is the first step of legal financing, which is expected to grow and change significantly in 2017. Despite the changes, companies will notice an increase in financial options to protect against litigation fees.

Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia-based attorney specializing in risk management and litigation. After graduating with his Juris Doctorate from Temple University and working with firms like Pepper Hamilton, Karl Heideck went on to become a contract attorney at Hire Counsel.

Karl Heideck has ten years of experience in commercial and civil litigation, corporate law, and intellectual property law. However, since the banking crisis of 2008, Karl Heideck focuses on issues such as liquidity positions, acquisitions, risk management, and transactions.


Madison Street Capital Shortlisted As The Finalists In 15th Yearly M&A Advisor Awards

Madison Street Capital, a Chicago-based investment banking firm is shortlisted as one the finalists in 15th yearly M&A Advisor Awards. The selection is reflecting the Madison Street Capital reputation as being the leader in providing high-value banking solutions to its customers across the world. The awards are considered as a major achievement in the financial industry for making excellent deals, financing and restructuring, making significant contributions to the financial world, and pioneering the leading firms in the industry and paving ways for the professionals to think innovative products and services. Madison Street Capital was nominated under two categories namely Industrials and Internationals Deal of the year and Boutique Investment Firm of the Year.


The role played by the firm in the acquisition deal of Acuna & Asociados S.A. for Dowco helped it to make eligible for Industrials and Internationals Deal nomination. “We are delighted to assist Dowco in its acquisition deal of Acuna & Asociados S.A., and now, it also helped us to be nominated for the Awards,” said Charles Botchway, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street. “We are also honored to be nominated for Boutique Investment Banking Firm as well and saluting our deal makers contributions and hard works around the world on providing diverse services and solutions to our clients to make their business grow.” “The Acuna & Asociados S.A. deal was a highly complex cross-border deal with a large number of moving parts, and we feel that we got recognized for the hard work and achievement,” said Karl D’Cunha, Madison Street Senior Managing Director who led the transaction.


Madison Street Capital is an investment and advisory firm that provides financial advisory services, valuations, mergers and acquisitions, deal structuring, market pricing and due diligence, specialized financings, capital raising, and alternative exit strategies. It has expertise in Corporate Advisory, Business Valuation, Valuation for Financial Reporting, Financial Opinions, Asset Management Industry Focus, and Wealth Preservation and Tax Planning.


The firm has offices and services in Asia, Africa, and North America. Madison Street Capital is known for service, integrity, leadership, and excellence and provides its services to both private as well as public firms across the world. The firm has a strong focus on providing quality financial and advisory services for middle market players in various industries from technology to transportation and logistics. A number of well-known industrial players such as FabTrol Systems, Inc., Hatch Chile Company, InteriorMark, LLC, StarSeismic, GMS-Pavilion Properties, LLC, etc., have been benefited by the professional and esteemed service of Madison Street Capital.


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