A Brief of Karl Heideck’s Background and the Process of Litigation

     When two or more people are involved in a legal dispute concerning money or some other performance besides criminal sanctions, the result is civil litigation. The parties in question need to take their complaint to the court for a trial presided upon by a judge or jury who pass their judgment on the issue. An attorney who deals with civil litigation is called a trial lawyer or litigator. A litigator represents their client in various proceedings which includes pre-trial hearings, depositions, mediation, settlements, and trials. Read on to learn about the litigation process and the background of one the most renowned litigators in the banking sector, Karl Heideck.

The Process of Litigation

Civil litigation can be split into different stages which vary from one case to another. Generally, the initial stages of litigation involve investigation, pleadings, and discovery. After the discovery phase, the process transcends to a pre-trial proceeding, then a settlement or trial. A trial comes only after the disputing parties have failed to reach a settlement. Discovery is the most time consuming and labor intensive phase in the litigation process. It involves the exchange of pertinent information through interrogations, subpoenas, and depositions. Interrogations and depositions are questions posed under the risk of perjury to the individuals involved in a lawsuit. The questions in depositions are usually posed orally under oath whereas those in investigations are written.

In many lawsuits, a settlement is reached by the parties even before the case goes to the courtroom. Parties may also settle during a trial even after the court has started deliberating or has already issued its verdict.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is no stranger in civil litigation, in fact, his reputation as a trial lawyer precedes him. One of the famous cases handled by Heideck is the one where he served as the contract attorney for Grant and Eisenhofer. Heideck’s role in this case included examining discovery material associated to fraud and representing his client’s interests. Heideck has also been involved in cases involving financial transactions, acquisitions, liquidity, and risk monitoring. Karl has also served as a project attorney for Pepper Hamilton LLP.

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