Betsy DeVos Desires to Improve Education

Betsy DeVos is the secretary of education for the next 4 years. I think this will give her a lot of time to build a better education system. He has a lot of different things that have been opposed over the years, but I definitely think that there is going to be someone that is going to benefit from the things that she is saying and doing.


I know that Betsy DeVos has a plan for education reform that is unlike anything else that people have seen in the past, but I believe this is actually a good thing. It proves that she has taken the time to study the education system. It also proves that Betsy DeVos is willing to go against the grain if it gets her positive results that she may need in the end.


I honestly do believe that this may be a large part of the reason that she has had so much trouble with people that have opposing views. I think she is fighting her way through a crowd of people that do not really know about school vouchers or charter schools. People have a one-sided view on education, but Betsy DeVos has been giving to the education system along with her husband for years. She knows about a lot of things in public schools that are just not working. She also realizes that the charter schools like the ones that have been started by Eva Moskowitz in New York are setting a new standard when it comes to education.


What people must remember is that the education system is comprised of more than just the standard public school. So many people will assume that charter schools are private, but these are actually public schools. Betsy DeVos is simply trying to level the playing field and provide a new atmosphere for those that are interested in building a better education platform for their children.


Betsy DeVos has been giving to education for more than a couple of decades so she knows how the system works. She knows what is in place, and she is willing to bet her hard-earned income that more people are going to benefit from school vouchers and charter schools.


She knows that there is also a need for change in the higher education system on a collegiate level. This is one reason that she has taken interest in working with historically black colleges and universities to make some changes in education as well. There are a lot of things that need to be done from the desk of the Secretary of Education for K through 12 all the way up to the collegiate programs, and Betsy is on her job.


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