Bruno Fagali is Accelerating Compliance and Transparency in Brazil through Legal Advisory

     Bruno Fagali is a prominent Brazilian attorney based in Sao Paulo. He has quickly carved his niche and has an in-depth understanding of compliance, ethics, administrative law, and regulatory law among others. His hands on approach to compliance advisory build a system of best practices that protects your bottom line. He practices under his agency, the Fagali Law Firm, besides serving as a consultant to numerous other firms.

Bruno Fagali founded the Fagali Law Firm in 2016. The firm provides advisory and litigation services regarding administrative contracts, tenders, and administrative irresponsibility among others. Bruno Fagali also serves as the corporate integrity manager of New SB, a top-rated Brazilian advertising agency. He has empowered the firm to set the pace on transparency and compliance in Brazil. This is a big step towards eliminating corruption, especially on the corporate level.

Anti-corruption compliance has been a big issue in the advertising industry in Brazil. This led to comprehensive regulatory reform in 2013 to address the matter. Having compliance frameworks and a system of best practices helps reduce the risk of unlawful conduct. The spotlight on New SB is key as the company enjoys numerous government contracts in its portfolio. Bruno Fagali also provided advisory on employee ethics.

Prominent clients in the advertising industry such as government and global non-profits demand a high level of compliance and transparency from the agency.

Bruno Fagali is fluent in English, Spanish and French besides Portuguese. He attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo where he obtained his law degree majoring in administrative law. He then went to the University of Sao Paulo to complete a master’s degree in state law. He is also a professional member of the Brazilian Society of Public Law. He has previously worked at Radi, Calil, and Associates as an advocate and for the Tojal, Teixeira & Associates law firm as a trainee.

Bruno Fagali is a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics and an associate of the Brazilian Businesses Ethics Institute. Bruno is passionate about administrative law and frequently speaks on compliance at seminars. He has also published numerous articles online to improve awareness on the subject.

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