ClassDojo Raises 21 Million In Funding For Its Educational AppĀ 

The educational system is very important. The educational system provides the foundation for children as they move from K-12. The children in the educational system depend on the system to provide the various things that are needed to educate the children. One of the changes that has occurred in the educational system over the past few decades is the use of technology. This change has made a tremendous difference in how things are currently done in the educational system.

The use of technology has become a major part of the educational system. From kindergarten through high school, children are now exposed to technology at all levels of the educational system. The technology that is used in the educational system spans across all aspects from administration to the classroom. The use of technology has allowed administrators as well as teachers to do things that were not possible decades ago.

While technology has been integrated into many areas of the educational system and used for many purposes, one aspect of the educational system where technology has not been used much is the traditional teacher and parent conference. Most people have experienced the traditional teacher and parent conference at some point in their life.

ClassDojo is a technology company that is making tremendous strides in the technology realm of the educational system. The company has developed an app for school systems that allows teachers, students, and parents to use the app for a wide range of purposes.

There is a feature of the ClassDojo app that allows for teachers and parents to communicate whenever needed regarding school related activities. Teachers or parents can send a message using the app that is sent over the app platform. Once sent, the message can be responded to by the receiver of the message. The communication by teachers and parents regarding the app is a viable alternative to the traditional teacher and parent face to face conference.

School systems across the country have been using the ClassDojo app and the response has been excellent. Recently ClassDojo raised 21 million dollars for the enhancement of the app. The money will be used to add new features, functions, and options for the app.