Doe Deere Starts Her Day Right

Doe Deere, CEO and founder of Lime Crime, has her own morning routine, which helps to start her day. An exotic beauty known for her magical looks, Deere has found a routine that works for her ultra busy schedule.


The most important part of her morning routine may seem counterproductive to someone who runs a successful online beauty empire. Enough sleep is the key to staying beautiful and Deere makes sure to get enough, so she does not need an alarm to wake her at 830. Another first thing in the morning routine is to drink a full glass of water. In Los Angeles, the air is dry, so hydration is a necessity. Although Deere claims not to be an athletic person, she does stretch to help get her body moving. Then she proceeds to make a full and nutritious breakfast.


The first part of her routine has nothing to do with make up and hair. She prepares her body for the busy day ahead. Her phone is her first line of defense when she wakes up. She checks Instagram, email, and her internal company chat. She tries to avoid digital interference from her morning routine, but she understands it is sometimes a necessity. She does make listening to her favorite music a priority, the Beatles. She wants to tune into her creativity.


The first two steps in this beauty’s routine is to wash and moisturize her face. In order to keep skin in good condition, she understands that it needs to be well kept. Then she uses a high quality foundation, like Loreal True Match, and sets it with powder. Cheeks and lips are her next step in adding color. Make up is the best part of her day, because she gets to be free and express herself.


Deere’s secret to easy hair styling in the morning is to shower the night. Dry and clean hair is easy to style in the morning. She curls her rainbow colored locks. After getting reading in the morning, she spends some time with her furry family members, her two cats Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Battingham. She arrives in her office around noon and tries to leave at a decent time, which is about six. Deere strives to balance her home and work life to make sure she stays creative and healthy.


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Fun and Simplicity Helped EOS Crush Chapstick

Evolution of Smooth, better known as simply EOS, is an American beauty company. It has revolutionized the lip balm industry.

Chapstick brand lip balms had led the lip balm industry for decades until EOS appeared on the market in 2009. EOS drastically changed the face of lip care by enclosing nourishing mostly organic ingredients in a cute little sphere. With nourishing oils and lip softening ingredients, EOS created lip balms that were fun to use and so delighted users, it outsold Chapstick. In a report by Fast Company, the manufacturers of EOS lip balms felt it was time to have a different look and feel to the waxy lip sticks that passed for lip moisture products.

The quirky round and pastel colored globes created by EOS for their lip balms were seen being used by the likes of Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian, which further boosted their sales.

The lip balms are available in a widening array of fragrances including vanilla mint, grapefruit, blueberry sorbet and more. The delightful packaging in easy to hold orbs allow the product to easily be applied on the go. The fun pastel colors such as pink, light blue and honeydew green are the icing on the cake. Also see,

The EOS lip balms, with their softening natural shea butter along with vitamins C and E, are recommended by dermatologists. They are often featured in the latest beauty magazines such as Elle, Glamour, Racked and Marie Claire.

EOS introduced a shimmer orb that adds a soft color and shine to the delightful natural orb of softness. EOS also makes lip balm in a traditional lipstick shape for those who prefer it, with the same natural ingredients. However, most women, who are the largest market for EOS lip balms, love the fun globe shape and fun colors of the round EOS containers.

EOS Lip Balm – One Of The Most Popular Lip Care Products In The Market Today

Buying a lip care product has always been a no-frills affair of going to any departmental store or supermarket and putting in your shopping bag the first product you see from Chapstick. The cylindrical tube from Chapstick was almost a norm in the oral care industry and for people who were a bit adventurous can try other flavors like mint, cherry or even orange. However, around seven years back, the industry saw a revolutionary product from EOS. The EOS Lip Balm swept the market altogether and put other lip care products on the backburner singlehandedly.

EOS, an abbreviation for the company’s full name Evolution of Smooth, became a sensational name in the fashion industry as well with popular magazines covering the company’s latest product quite frequently. Each and every supermarket in town, starting from Target to Walmart and from Walgreens to Skin Care AU began to put it on the front shelves in the lip care segment. And, to add to the hype, even the famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera were seen using EOS Lip Balm, and this gave the product that much needed flare of popularity among the masses it needed.

The company sells over a million units of EOS Lip Balm every week, and the growth has been exponential since its inception. It is currently the second best selling lip balm in the United States, leaving the other counterparts in the industry that have been in the business for much longer, far behind. EOS is one of the fastest growing companies in the oral care sector, and the current valuation of the company stands tall at over $250 Million.

Sanjiv Mehra co-founded the company and mentioned in one of the interviews that not building hype around the company was a deliberate move as the primary focus was and is on product creation.