Bradesco Projected To Scale To Greater Heights Following Its Restructuring

The 91-year old Brandao left Bradesco Bank after his tenure of more than 25 years at the institution. Lazaro Brandao is among the most elderly serving chairmen of banks globally. Brandao was the third president of the second largest privately-owned banking institution in Brazil. Brandao started his career at Bradesco when he was 16 years old in 1943 as a clerk. According to Bloomberg’s data, Brandao is one of the most elderly leaders in the banking sector. The executive announced his resignation as the chairman of the firm after what his family jokingly terms as being his time to do so.

Brandao’s resignation and appointment of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as the new chairman of the institution meant that Trabuco’s place remained vacant. Therefore, a succession race resulted that would see Trabuco’s former position as the CEO filled. In the meantime, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will keep holding the two jobs as chairman and CEO till the bank selects a new CEO.

Brandao acknowledged the need to restructure the institution’s board to ascertain the probability for continuity during a press meeting with journalists. Brandao said that it was his sole decision to step down as the bank’s chairman. However, the veteran maintained to retain his control over some of the bank’s holding groups.

During his time as the president, Lazaro maintained a leadership culture that gave room to promote existing talent within the bank other than outsourcing for a qualified human resource to replace retired executives. Bradesco will still maintain the tactic when deciding Trabuco’s replacement as the CEO. Reliable sources reveal that there are seven leading executives within the organization from which the firm would select its new CEO. However, the process of selecting the CEO remains a private matter to the company until their announcement.

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The list of probable candidates for the CEO post includes Alexandre, Mauricio Machado, Domingos Abreu, Octavio, Noronha, Andre Cano and Pancini. Mauricio manages the IT department of the bank, and he assisted in the acquisition of HSBC alongside Trabuco Cappi. Alexandre is the chief risk officer and also played party in the purchase of HSBC Holdings. Domingos heads the lending and treasury departments of the banking organization. Pancini directs the high income and network segment of the bank. Noronha leads the investment and corporate section of Bradesco while Lazari Octavio heads the insurance unit. Lastly, Cano Andre manages the human resources sector and is among the latest additions to the leadership.

According to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the succession process will be a standard and routinely procedure. The procedure would lead to the selection of a CEO who reflects the complexity, large size, and segmentation of the company. There is, however, no defined profile for the new CEO hence the process would be based on leadership skills and own light as per Trabuco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi graduated from Sao Paulo University. From 2000 to 2003, Luiz worked with ABRASCA and later joined Grupo Bradesco Seguros from March 2003. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi became the CEO of Bradesco from March 2009. He then became the vice president of the firm, and he is now the fourth-serving chairman of the bank.

It is clear that Cappi’s presence in Bradesco was predetermined. He springs from the same area as the first chairman of the bank. He has risen the ranks up to becoming the president. His determination and excellent leadership qualities are the chief determinants of his success at the institution. He has a vast knowledge in leadership and financing. He identifies and uses current market indicators to analyze the future of firm’s performance in the investment sector. With his dedicated leadership, Bradesco has the assurance of its lead in the investment sector.

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Mike Baur Puts Entrepreneurs on Fast Track

Starting a business is never easy as young entrepreneurs may think that it is. There are tons of people that would like to think that one good idea can spark a successful business, but this is not the case. it takes planning. It takes strategy. Mike Baur is one such person that has started a company called the Swiss Startup Factory. He wants to present people with the option of building better businesses in Switzerland with the appropriate resources for the job.

Mike is that business man that knows exactly how a business can thrive because he has helped other entrepreneurs with their startups. Mike Baur is also invested in businesses his self down through the years so he knows quite a few things about what it takes to build better business structures. This may be one reason that the 360 accelerator program is so helpful to all those entrepreneurs that are looking for a chance to create a much better business park with customers.

There are certainly more than a few people that are benefiting from what Mike has to offer when it comes to building a business. The thing that Mike is able to do with the Swiss startup Factory is actually give entrepreneurs a better blueprint on how they can navigate there early startups. This is what entrepreneurs will have a problem doing because it is something new. They have never been in the hot seat where they have had to forecast sales for their businesses. They have never been in a place where they had to market to customers. The Swiss startup Factory that Mike created has the entrepreneurs that are also mentors for others. This is a company that has experienced entrepreneurs that have been able to create an expansive environment where people get the chance to do a lot of learning about how a business can be improved with the right strategies.

The average entrepreneur that is starting a business is eager to know what they need to do in order to get their business on track. They do not want to waste a lot of time with things that are not going to result in a greater amount of profitability for their business. This is why Mike created the Swiss Startup Factory. He wanted people to have an accelerated way to jump start their business and get things going at a faster pace.

The Innovation of Fortune of Mike Baur

New technologies and development for startups are becoming prominent within the community. A leader in emerging innovations is Mike Baur, a Swiss entrepreneur. Baur serves as a mentor, guide and innovator for some of the leading technologies while devoting his life to assisting other start-ups to meeting their full potential. The journey of Baur is one that shows the possibilities for all entrepreneurs to reach success.


Mike Baur began in the field of banking, working for over 20 years as a partner in UBS and Clariden Leu. While he was successful in these endeavors, he was guided to a different destiny through business and entrepreneurship. He shifted his focus to startup companies, looking at ways to assist with the success of others interested in innovation. As a result of his interest, he shifted from banking to becoming the co-founder and managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014.


The interest and investments in startup companies has allowed Mike Baur to extend to a developed interest in startups. He has served at the START Summiteer at the University of St Gallen and has mentored a variety of entrepreneurs to success. He has also become the managing director of CTI Invest, leading to a partnership between the Swiss Startup Factory and the investment group. The interest of CTI and Goldback Group extended, specifically focusing on Fintech startups with the financial support of the investment companies.


The central expertise offered by Baur is to focus on innovations with technology and finances. Fintech is one of the leading ideologies that Baur is interested in backing. He has extended this to looking in – depth at the world web forums and other innovative technologies that are now shaping the globe. The interest of Baur has developed with his support of investment relations and financing for those involved with the Swiss Startup Factory.


The inspiration of innovation is one that is seen with the actions of many entrepreneurs. Mike Baur, a Swiss business man and banker, idealizes the concept of business innovation. Through his interest in startups, fintech and leading applications, he is supporting the waves of technology for tomorrow.


Hussain Sajwani in Real Estate

There are some people who have a huge footprint in various industries. Over the years, Hussain Sajwani has worked hard to maintain strong relationships in the business world. He is excited about the progress that has been made, especially with people in real estate. Over the years, he has worked hard to get to where he is today. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani:

Not only that, but he has worked with high level people like Donald Trump to help support his cause. Over the years, Hussain Sajwani has proven that he has the business knowledge that you need to get to the next level in your work and business.

Real Estate

One of the best ways to have success in the world of finance is to invest in real estate. A lot of people do not realize the financial benefits of working in this industry. Over the years, a lot of people have started to invest in their future through this industry. With all of the changes that are starting to take place in this area, you can have an easy time with your finances in the coming years.

Although Hussain Sajwani has a lot of success today with his family, it was tough for them to get started for a variety of reasons. Not only that, but he was ready to start building wealth for the future in a variety of ways. Now is a great time to start in your own life with your goals and dreams. A lot of people are scared to take the plunge. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Newksira

Hussain Sajwani

From the time he started out in real estate, Hussain Sajwani has been one of the leading people in the world of business. A lot of people are excited about the things that he is working on in his life and career.

Now is a great time for him to make a positive impact on the world around him. His family has built a tremendous amount of wealth over the years, and they are excited about a lot of the trials that they have gone through and become better because of.

Copa Star: Leading the Way in the Use of Healthcare Technology

The Copa Star is leading the way in the use of sophisticated technology in treating patients. In addition to being staffed with highly skilled professionals, the hospital also aims to offer patients a personalized environment where their needs are met.

The hospital has a system that allows patients to get in touch with their doctors through an iPad app. With the app, patients can access their test results, request for the attention of nurses, and do much more. It helps to make the process of accessing health care services easy.

The hospital also features a lot of automation. For instance, the bed controls are automated, allowing patients to make comfort changes. Additionally, a patient can control the curtains and the lighting from the comfort of their bed. It allows them to have a personalized environment for their recovery and remain comfortable throughout their hospital stay.

The Hospital’s Design

Elements of functionality, discretion, and safety were all incorporated into the building of the hospital. The hospital features an enclosed area that allows for the uninterrupted flow of stretchers and other hospital equipment. The result is that everything is moved around efficiently without the risk of injury to anyone.

The hospital also has an aesthetic element to it. There are works of art in various locations that are designed to make patients feel relaxed. Besides aesthetics, it has been shown that works of art help to reduce anxiety in patients. It also leads to positive emotions, which are essential for great health. In line with other top hospitals globally, the hospital invested in 231 kinetics works of art by Yutaka Toyota, a Japanese painter.

The hospital has 21 thousand meters squared of floor space that is filled with the latest in healthcare technology. Dr. Jorge Moll, who is its current president and founder, they can now offer quality care and complex surgeries. Previously, some of the procedures possible at the hospital could only be done is Sao Paulo. According to him, the hospital has been able to merge quality care with hotel accommodations.  View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

Regular Drills

Periodic emergency drills are often held by the hospital to train its staff on what to do in case of such emergencies. With the regular drills, actors give a feeling of what it would take to handle a real emergency. The drills cover different areas such use of uniforms and patient approach to more complex situations. The hospital has 550 employees with over 113 professional medical staff.

Plans for the Future

According to the founder, this is just the beginning. Soon, branches will be opened in cities such as Brasília and Sao Paulo. The plan to expand Copa Star’s concept of healthcare provision proves that it is a successful model.

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Roberto Santiago Knows How To Big Expansive Malls

One of the more famous shopping malls in Brazil is called Manaira Shopping. Part of the associated fame is that it is the brainchild of the acclaimed Roberto Santiago. He take great effort to establish lucrative affiliations with his consumers. The Manaira Shopping mall makes use of a prosperous approach by contributing a myriad of conveniences, pleasures, and competitive choices to their clients. Robert’s original notion behind the center is to provide an abundant assortment of legitimate Brazilian meals within view of dazzling beaches, and an incomparable environment in Paraiba, the northeastern area of Brazil that’s distinguished for their accommodations.

Robert Santiago understands that providing delight and jubilation are two very crucial key components to providing a prosperous venture. His shopping center offers a slew of choices to satisfy shoppers who take their families out to the mall; families who want to encounter peace of mind, exhilaration and glee as they go on tours around the expansive city. The mall contains an expansively constructed movie arena, bowling lanes, an amusement center, and even an auditorium for dancing entertainment.

When shoppers enter a mall constructed by Roberto Santiago, shoppers will immediately notice the incredible theater. The Manaira Shopping center has a theater with eleven massive rooms, each equipped with the most state-of-the-art machinery. Their theaters have sections for VIP, rooms devoted to experiencing 3D films, and the mall incorporates an arena style seating design. This specific consideration to the seating design delivers an enhanced viewing alternative for their shoppers. The cinema incorporates a snack area to provide a diversity of candies, drinks and custom catering to satisfy a range of desires. Read more on

Manaira Shopping mall boasts a massive 1800 square meter entertainment park section called the Game Station. This park displays over 200 game machines and encompasses a roomy bowling lane, which is wholly digital.

The shopping center also contains a spacious area for those who want to work out, experience a live show or perhaps study a subject of interest. In the Brazilian state of Paraiba, Mr. Robert Santiago created a shopping center that offers far more than most of the planet’s malls.

The shopping center contains an area for dining known as the Gourmet Space. Shoppers are presented with an assortment of food variety, in addition to a steakhouse and a sizable food court for the variety of desires from their shoppers.

The shopping center is famous for roof top concert halls, at the Domus Hall. They’re one of the biggest in all of the city of Joao Pessoa, the city capital of Paraiba. The Domus Hall has avant-garde acoustic insulation, including modern sound equipment. They can seat 4,000 people, or a surprising 10,000 people standing.

Get a test of your Dreams with the Magnises Black Card

We all want to have an experience in one of the dream hotels. The Magnises Black Card is making the dream possible. It enables one to spend nights at the Dream Hotel at a highly discounted price. Another feature of the card is that it enables one to get a hotel pass. Members get a discount that amounts to seventy dollars with the card.

The Black card comes with another feature known as the club pass. The feature allows members to gain access to places they may want to go but may never afford. One gets access to high-end clubs without paying any extra amount. The club pass has also allowed hotel and club access at discounted prices.

One cool thing about the black card is that it is less about the card and more about the community. The card allows members to interact with people from all over the community. The social lives of members have improved thanks to the black card. Members have also enjoyed the fun-filled activity and access to flagship facilities at minimum prices.

According to Billy McFarland, the founder of the black card, the card is going to be helpful to people that are active. Anyone that enjoys exclusive parties or weekend outs at elite destinations should use the card. That is why the card has been created for millennials. Young millennials will get to experience the city life like never before.

Magnises card started as an invite-only card but has become open for everyone. Anyone that wants to join the Magnises community can sign up for the card and start enjoying using it. Many people are interested in the experiences they get with the card. The card is not like anything ever experienced before. There are nightclub perks that have been possible by the Magnises Black card. It is awesome for people that want to get access to nightclubs or hotels without any hassles.

The Best Anesthesiology Association in Austin, Texas

Needing major surgery or a medical procedure done, but are very hesitant to let someone at the everyday hospital care for you while you are “under the knife”? Do not fear, the anesthesiologists at Capitol Anesthesiology Association are available to be at your side during major surgery. Located in Austin Texas, CAA has been trusted since 1973 to facilitate all your anesthesia needs. They are considered one of the nation’s largest independent practices of physicians specializing in anesthesiology and have been trusted in the community ever since being established. The CAA has over 80 physicians and 130 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists on staff. They provide services in over 20 different medical establishments in Austin including, Austin’s Level 1 Trauma Centers, several high-acuity hospitals, and numerous ambulatory surgery centers. All Capitol Anesthesiology Association staff take great pride in their work and aim to provide the highest quality care to their patients.

The CAA not only provides Austin with anesthesia services, but also provides the local community and world community with their medical support. Through their various programs and foundations, the CAA does not discriminate and service all soci-economic statuses. Some of these foundations include, Austin Smiles, Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach (DCSGO), Eels on Wheels, Operation Smile, Children’s Medical Center Foundation, Family Eldercare and Partnerships for Children. More information on how these foundations affect the community can be found on the CAA website,, under community involvement.

These services include: General Anesthesia, Regional Anesthesia, Local / MAC (Monitored Anesthesia Care), Pediatric Anesthesia, Obstetric Anesthesia and Cardiovascular and Thoracic Anesthesia. If you have any questions about their practices or wish to receive an estimate, contact them by phone at (512) 454-2554. Or contact them by email at