Eva Moskowitz’s Successes in Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz, in less than a decade, has grown the largest New York City’s charter-school network. The charter-school network includes 34 campuses that serve 11,000 students. Eva’s Success Academies are producing recommendable results.

Consider the state schools in New York with the best scores related to proficiency and you’ll note that about half of the mathematics leading ten is Success Academy students. Similarly, in English, about a sixth of the top 20 are from the same institution. The is irrespective of the fact most Success students are from struggling neighborhoods and families and begin their study with various difficulties against them.

How has Eva become a leader linked to education?
Not only was Eva Moskowitz raised by two professors and studied in public schools in Harlem before completing her Ph.D., but also she ran for NYCC (New York City Council) dedicated to improving public schools which. She gained a reputation as a fearless and hard-nosed representative for higher standards and accountability. With the aim of demonstrating a better option and satisfied with status quo, Eva utilized philanthropic funds for founding her first charter school in 2006 in Harlem.

Eva Moskowitz’s has made remarkable accomplishments with minority and poor children in the educational sector. In fact, the Wall Street Journal denotes her as the greatest enemy of the Teachers Union. Politicians such as Bill de Blasio contested for the mayor’s seat on the mantra that Eva must stop being supported, tolerated and enabled. She continues to defend her work against such people by progressing in expanding the Success Academy accomplishments which, leaves most people questioning how she manages her work.

What are some of the educational strategies and techniques that she promotes?
Eva Moskowitz believes that for students to excel academically, they require a robust curriculum as well as active and energetic teachers challenging them to succeed. Children should know that the adults surrounding them have expected high grades from them. Also, students ought to believe they have a capacity of excelling academically.

Eva not only teaches arts in English language and math at high levels but also chess and science as well as arts and sports. She ensures that her children’s teachers work hand-in-hand with their peers, receive constant feedback, go through rigorous training and receive in-depth and regular professional development. Moskowitz encourages her schools to be quite responsive to guardians or parents by responding to every phone call from parents.

Betsy DeVos: Committed To Provide High-quality Education System To The Country

Betsy DeVos, the current U.S. Secretary of Education, has the vision to provide high-quality education system to the country. If anyone has a question on her eligibility, I have the answer for them that there is no one there more eligible than her considering Betsy’s long years of education activism and initiatives to bring quality education to the children in the country. Apart from an education activist, she is renowned as one of the top contributors to various philanthropic causes in the country. She envisions high-quality education for all children that helps them to chase their dreams without any discrimination in case of race, sex, language, etc.

During her education activity days, she proposed a number of innovative solutions to make the education sector very competitive and thus high-quality. Her ideas including the school of choice, the charter system, etc., well decorated to make the quality education for even the lowest class of the society. I always wanted to congratulate her efforts that made significant changes in wherever it applied. We must understand the meaning of even Democrats supporting and implementing her initiatives especially, the concept of the school of choice. The fact that the initiatives got a widespread acceptance is really enthralling an educational activist like me. She also has a better perception of the technology changes and accepts digital learning as an option, though she thinks it is still in the infancy stage.

She and her husband Dick DeVos are very keen on spending their time in the education sector. They set up a foundation called Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to initiate their spending on various causes. Interestingly, a major share of their contributions goes to education uplift. To encourage arts, her family established ArtPrize in 2009, and that conducts art competitions every year in Grand Rapids. She is on the board of directors of a number of non-profit organizations, education groups, and departments such as Philanthropy Roundtable, American Federation for Children, and Foundation for Excellence in Education, Alliance for School Choice, DeVos Institute of Arts Management, etc. I admire her dedication as she spends most of her time in activism and philanthropic work than running her personal businesses. Visit dbdvfoundation.org to know more about their foundation.

Betsy completed her graduation from Calvin College located in Grand Rapids. Betsy DeVos is a long-time associate of Republican Party and held the post of Chairman of Michigan Republican Party four times. She and Dick founded The Windquest Group in 1989, a privately held investment management firm run by both she and Dick. She was the Chairman of the firm until recently, and it invests in manufacturing, clean energy, and technology. Many of the Americans including me seeing her elevation with great expectation, and she would make all her efforts to fulfill her vision by overcoming the challenges that are blocking quality education for all. Check this related article from nypost.com.

Wessex Journals

Wessex Institute of Technology, also known simply as Wessex Institute or WIT, is located in the New Forest National Park in England and is an advanced academic system devoted to the technological sciences and scientific community. One of its goals is to provide an ongoing relationship between the purely academic and professional practioners working in the real world. It is an organization of the highest caliber that exists to support and inform the scientific and related fields of interest.

WIT has its own publishing press (www.witpress.com) which publishes research pertinent to the sciences and is available in a journal format. They currently produce journals relating to transportation, energy, measurements, security, design and sustainable development, environment, and heritage architecture and others. The WIT web site states which journal is currently accepting papers.

The WIT Journal also has an eLibrary which includes articles found in their International Journal.

For more details, visit: http://www.businessinsider.com/times-higher-education-best-uk-universities-for-employability-2016-11

ClassDojo Raises 21 Million In Funding For Its Educational App 

The educational system is very important. The educational system provides the foundation for children as they move from K-12. The children in the educational system depend on the system to provide the various things that are needed to educate the children. One of the changes that has occurred in the educational system over the past few decades is the use of technology. This change has made a tremendous difference in how things are currently done in the educational system.

The use of technology has become a major part of the educational system. From kindergarten through high school, children are now exposed to technology at all levels of the educational system. The technology that is used in the educational system spans across all aspects from administration to the classroom. The use of technology has allowed administrators as well as teachers to do things that were not possible decades ago.

While technology has been integrated into many areas of the educational system and used for many purposes, one aspect of the educational system where technology has not been used much is the traditional teacher and parent conference. Most people have experienced the traditional teacher and parent conference at some point in their life.

ClassDojo is a technology company that is making tremendous strides in the technology realm of the educational system. The company has developed an app for school systems that allows teachers, students, and parents to use the app for a wide range of purposes.

There is a feature of the ClassDojo app that allows for teachers and parents to communicate whenever needed regarding school related activities. Teachers or parents can send a message using the app that is sent over the app platform. Once sent, the message can be responded to by the receiver of the message. The communication by teachers and parents regarding the app is a viable alternative to the traditional teacher and parent face to face conference.

School systems across the country have been using the ClassDojo app and the response has been excellent. Recently ClassDojo raised 21 million dollars for the enhancement of the app. The money will be used to add new features, functions, and options for the app.