Tips on hiring an event planner

Are you planning to hold an event? You may have no experience at doing so, especially if the event you want to hold is big. At this point, it is normal to consider hiring an event planner. There are numerous event planning companies in New York City. You should however purpose to pick the best. Here are some few tips that may come in handy when doing so.

– You need to tell your planner about what you want the event to accomplish. Before hiring one, you should outline your objectives. At this stage, make all the adjustments that you deem appropriate.

– From the objectives, you should identify the reasons that push you to hire a planner. This will help you distinguish the planner’s tasks from yours. You can then come up with an estimated budget. The budget will help you establish the number of people you want in the event.

– You can now identify three event planners from the connections you have. Consult the local chambers of commerce, your professional affiliation or any other reliable source you may know. Put proper research into this and avoid using word of mouth.

– After you have narrowed down to three planners, interview them three or more times while presenting your ideas and event details to them. Make sure that you meet each one of them in person at least once. This will help you establish a good rapport.

– Work closely with the planner and fire them whenever they seem incompetent. You can always hire another one.

About Twenty Three Layers

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