Academy of Art University:

Academy of Art University is a learning institution which is located on Montgomery Street in downtown San Francisco California. The school has a very long and interesting history. The school was founded back in the early 1900. There were only two buildings that sat on the school campus up until the late 1930’s when the Academy of Art University began to expand. The school colors are Black and Red. Richard Stephens is the original founder of the Academy.


The Academy is perfect for those with an interest in Art and design. Academy of Art University offers students Associates, Bachelor as well as Master Degrees. In addition, a portion of the subjects required for the degree programs can be taken on line. However, on line vs. classroom attendance must be discussed with your instructor prior to the start of the semester.


*Curriculum & Degrees Offered:


Degrees are offered in Art, Media & Design, Technology as well as Art Education. Students have the option to enroll as a full or part time student. Admission requirements are outlined on the University website. Tuition for the up and coming 2018 semester is between $18,500-$21,000. Tuition fugures are based on full time attendance. The University currently has over 30 art-related programs.


The Academy of Art University currently has a little under 8,000 students total enrollment. The school does offer on campus housing. Students have the option to reside in refuburished dormatory style rooms or small campus apartments located within three blocks of the University. Student transportation is provided to and from student apartment and dormatories each morning and afternoon.


Aside from academics, all students have the opportunity to participate in University sports as well as recreation activities if desired. In addition, the school also has a number of active social clubs in which are open to all new and existing students. The school sports program has over 15 active intercollegiate teams.


*Accreditation/ Financial assistance:


The Academy of Art University is fully accredited by the WASC University Commission. WASC is an organization that gives accrediation to select private and public educational institutions.


The Academy of Art University is a fine institution with a great deal to offer those who wish to expand their talents and ambitions within the field of art and technology. Tuition assistance and financial aid is available to those who qualify.


The University now offers a “Parent Smart Start Program”. The program is fairly new but seems to be gaining popularity. The University web site explains the program in great detail.