Madison Street Capital Shortlisted As The Finalists In 15th Yearly M&A Advisor Awards

Madison Street Capital, a Chicago-based investment banking firm is shortlisted as one the finalists in 15th yearly M&A Advisor Awards. The selection is reflecting the Madison Street Capital reputation as being the leader in providing high-value banking solutions to its customers across the world. The awards are considered as a major achievement in the financial industry for making excellent deals, financing and restructuring, making significant contributions to the financial world, and pioneering the leading firms in the industry and paving ways for the professionals to think innovative products and services. Madison Street Capital was nominated under two categories namely Industrials and Internationals Deal of the year and Boutique Investment Firm of the Year.


The role played by the firm in the acquisition deal of Acuna & Asociados S.A. for Dowco helped it to make eligible for Industrials and Internationals Deal nomination. “We are delighted to assist Dowco in its acquisition deal of Acuna & Asociados S.A., and now, it also helped us to be nominated for the Awards,” said Charles Botchway, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street. “We are also honored to be nominated for Boutique Investment Banking Firm as well and saluting our deal makers contributions and hard works around the world on providing diverse services and solutions to our clients to make their business grow.” “The Acuna & Asociados S.A. deal was a highly complex cross-border deal with a large number of moving parts, and we feel that we got recognized for the hard work and achievement,” said Karl D’Cunha, Madison Street Senior Managing Director who led the transaction.


Madison Street Capital is an investment and advisory firm that provides financial advisory services, valuations, mergers and acquisitions, deal structuring, market pricing and due diligence, specialized financings, capital raising, and alternative exit strategies. It has expertise in Corporate Advisory, Business Valuation, Valuation for Financial Reporting, Financial Opinions, Asset Management Industry Focus, and Wealth Preservation and Tax Planning.


The firm has offices and services in Asia, Africa, and North America. Madison Street Capital is known for service, integrity, leadership, and excellence and provides its services to both private as well as public firms across the world. The firm has a strong focus on providing quality financial and advisory services for middle market players in various industries from technology to transportation and logistics. A number of well-known industrial players such as FabTrol Systems, Inc., Hatch Chile Company, InteriorMark, LLC, StarSeismic, GMS-Pavilion Properties, LLC, etc., have been benefited by the professional and esteemed service of Madison Street Capital.


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