The Making of Sweetgreen

It is not a walk in the park for anybody to start and sustain a business. In the wake of stiff competition and increase in the cost of management, many businesses fails to see through their first anniversary. As a result, that company that survives their first year since inception is most likely to last the long run. The gourmet and fast food industry are plagued with the mush rooming business offering similar products and services. In order to survive such a slippery industry, you need to come up with a business plan that makes you stand out in the face of competition.


Sweetgreen is an example of a restaurant that has been existing since 2007. The over a decade of its existence has been due to the hard work and dedication of its more than able co- CEOs. The home of delicacies was founded by Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru and Jonathan Neman. All three of them graduated from Georgetown University as business students. They also happened to have shared common classes in the University. It can be concluded that their agreement to open a restaurant might have been reached at while they were still in college


Their mode of management not only make Sweetgreen a better restaurant but also offer standard services in all the restaurants. The organization does not have a designated headquarters. As a result, each restaurant is run autonomously making each equally important.


Nathaniel Ru and his co-CEOs are very hardworking. Since inception, it had 64 outlets operating in the USA in California, Illinois, Massachusets, Maryland and other parts of the USA. The organization is also a major employer to neighboring communities as it currently has over 1700 employees under its umbrella.


All the hard work that Nathaniel Ru and company puts on the organization is a testament that hard work pays. The team has risen beyond the competition to become one of the most favored restaurants in the United States.


A good leader is always the server to his followers. Although Nathaniel leads the organization, he does not lead it in all aspects. According to him, having a dedicated team is the secret towards success in business. Since the early days, the organization has had dedicated team of employees who got its back. As a result, they have always steered the team towards success.