Chris Burch has a Vision for the Future

Serial entrepreneurs are creative thinkers that can take an idea and turn it into a successful business. They are the people who start a company and then let someone else take over so they can move on to new ventures. Chris Burch is an outstanding serial entrepreneur who has found success in many different avenues.

Always a Thinker

Chris Burch grew up in a middle class family in Wayne, Pennsylvania where his father owned a mining and supply company. As a young man, he attended Tilton, a preparatory college school. Chris Burch learned from his father and later started Eagles Eye apparel in 1976 with his brother while attending Itichica College in New York as an undergraduate. It became a multimillion dollar business and later was sold, allowing Chris to pursue other interests. Mr. Burch has always been passionate about fashion and is proud to have been involved in several companies including the Tory Burch label and C. Wonder. He is currently fascinated with the concept of combining fashion and technology. He knows that the future is going to morph these two entities together and it will take the right person to create wearable items for everyday use.

Investing Pays Off

Real estate investments proved to be very lucrative for Chris Burch. He has bought into hotels, condos, luxury homes, townhouses, and resorts. His investments are based on good business sense and intuition. Mr. Burch understands the real estate market and can predict how an investment is going to turn out.

Expanding His Horizons

Diversity could be Chris Burch’s middle name. Along with his other interests, he has invested in a bottled water company, several telecommunications projects, technology, jewelry, an online office retailer, and produced a feature length film. He is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, a private investment company where he is the current Chief Executive Officer. He has participated in more than 50 companies throughout his lucrative career and attributes much of his success to creativity, imagination, and incubation. Forbes mentions that Chris Burch has a connection with the business world and has been able to capitalize on his intuition. He has achieved many great things in his life and is looking forward to many more successes.