How Does John Goullet Suggest Businessmen Start Their Companies?

There are several businesses on the market that may take a cue from John Goullet and his work at Diversant. He built quite a company there that has done work the world over in IT staffing, and this article explains how he plans to help other business owners in building their companies.

#1: The Business World Requires Cash

John recommends that everyone who is starting a business spend more time finding funding. He believes that funding will go quite a long way in helping businesses, and he has said in interviews that he wished he had found more cash before beginning. This simple piece of advice is important as businesses are started, and Diversant is an example of how a company will grow with insight.

#2: Hiring Properly

John has reflected on hiring in the past as something his missed the mark on, and he simply made a change to help make the culture right with his company. He started looking at ways to help his company grow, and he found that hiring could be improved.

#3: Growing The IT Industry

John knows the IT industry is growing every day, and he wants to see it become a larger part of the world GDP. He knows that he may help companies that are attempting to grow their businesses, and he puts quite a lot of work into staffing for each client. He knows how to choose new people, and he understands how one fine programmer may change the course of a company.

The advice that John offers to all readers must be taken to heart as a business grows. Businesses cannot build themselves when they are introspective. He wants each business to think about how it hires its employees, how it searches for funding and how it becomes a part of a large market. Diversant serves a growing IT community, and other businesses will serve their industries in a similar fashion.