Roberto Santiago Knows How To Big Expansive Malls

One of the more famous shopping malls in Brazil is called Manaira Shopping. Part of the associated fame is that it is the brainchild of the acclaimed Roberto Santiago. He take great effort to establish lucrative affiliations with his consumers. The Manaira Shopping mall makes use of a prosperous approach by contributing a myriad of conveniences, pleasures, and competitive choices to their clients. Robert’s original notion behind the center is to provide an abundant assortment of legitimate Brazilian meals within view of dazzling beaches, and an incomparable environment in Paraiba, the northeastern area of Brazil that’s distinguished for their accommodations.

Robert Santiago understands that providing delight and jubilation are two very crucial key components to providing a prosperous venture. His shopping center offers a slew of choices to satisfy shoppers who take their families out to the mall; families who want to encounter peace of mind, exhilaration and glee as they go on tours around the expansive city. The mall contains an expansively constructed movie arena, bowling lanes, an amusement center, and even an auditorium for dancing entertainment.

When shoppers enter a mall constructed by Roberto Santiago, shoppers will immediately notice the incredible theater. The Manaira Shopping center has a theater with eleven massive rooms, each equipped with the most state-of-the-art machinery. Their theaters have sections for VIP, rooms devoted to experiencing 3D films, and the mall incorporates an arena style seating design. This specific consideration to the seating design delivers an enhanced viewing alternative for their shoppers. The cinema incorporates a snack area to provide a diversity of candies, drinks and custom catering to satisfy a range of desires. Read more on

Manaira Shopping mall boasts a massive 1800 square meter entertainment park section called the Game Station. This park displays over 200 game machines and encompasses a roomy bowling lane, which is wholly digital.

The shopping center also contains a spacious area for those who want to work out, experience a live show or perhaps study a subject of interest. In the Brazilian state of Paraiba, Mr. Robert Santiago created a shopping center that offers far more than most of the planet’s malls.

The shopping center contains an area for dining known as the Gourmet Space. Shoppers are presented with an assortment of food variety, in addition to a steakhouse and a sizable food court for the variety of desires from their shoppers.

The shopping center is famous for roof top concert halls, at the Domus Hall. They’re one of the biggest in all of the city of Joao Pessoa, the city capital of Paraiba. The Domus Hall has avant-garde acoustic insulation, including modern sound equipment. They can seat 4,000 people, or a surprising 10,000 people standing.

Town Residential Remains A Top Real Estate Agency in NYC

Many property developers are offering high-end luxury products to the New York real estate market, and customers are provided with many choices. Hence, many NYC properties and real estate companies struggle to provide unique customer property solutions that will seem viable in the competitive arena.


Town Residential controls a large portion of NYC properties sales. It is the leading active real estate developer in New York and its surrounding areas. Town Residential has developed a couple of luxury condo projects on 212 Fifth Avenue. The company is still witnessing activities and believes that it is priced and well-located quality projects will continue thriving in the dynamic New York Real Estate landscape.


The company has an exceptional team of experts specially assembled to discover the sensibility and modernity of the real estate world. The company’s idea is to combine quality to create the property that appeals to the broad customer base. Town Residential is currently embarking on ongoing developments. Located on 3537 36th Astoria Street, 240 Brooklyn Bedford Avenue, and at 195 Montague Street, these new establishments are aimed to be among the few ground-up and purpose-built construction projects to grace the New York skyline in many years to come. These buildings have already been designed by the company’s leading architects and are meant to complement the existing buildings and neighborhoods. The company aims for new developments in the meat packing district and projects higher annual price appreciation due to its broad Brooklyn property markets.


The group has developed or acquired multi-billion dollar property worth including retail spaces and residential units since its inauguration. The majority of property customers in New York are domestic buyers. Most of them have already purchased property in New York or work and live here. Over the past few years, Town Residential has also achieved international sales with most customers coming from mainland China, the Asia Pacific region, Middle East, South America, and Europe.