The Importance of Cyber Security


With technology becoming more and more prevalent in the world today, more and more services such as banking and record keeping are happening online. That being said, with all this data and wealth online there are of course criminals who would like nothing more than access to this trove of information being put online. Even though the number of ransomware attacks has been increasing in the recent years there are entire companies that are dedicated to keeping the cyber world safe from criminals. Cybersecurity is a key system that many companies use to keep their information safe from would be hackers. It’s a key safeguard that is helping to keep everyone safe. For example, it was reported that between 2013 and 2015 the cost of cyber attacks quadrupled to between 400 and 500 billion dollars. This is a huge number and just goes to show how important cyber security can be.



If you’re worried about having your information stolen by ransomware, Rubica is a company that can help. Once such company is named Rubica. They are a modern technological company with everything from phone to desktop applications. This company has you download the Rubica application on each of your devices and the has a professional team of cyber security experts monitor activity 24 hours a day. They have personal analysts who will notify you if they see anything suspicious going on with your accounts.

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