How Cone Marshall Has Grown To Rank Globally In Tax And Estate Litigation

Law is a huge industry that has been serving people in different specialties who are looking to solve problems of varied nature. Business is one of the areas where lawyers have tapped into to ensure entrepreneurs and investors face easy time while handling their cases involving taxation. Cone Marshall, based in New Zealand, is one of the law firms across the world that is known for offering unique and high quality tax and estate litigation services that are designed to help clients in diverse industries to access the guidance they need to resolve their problems.


Founded in 1999, Cone Marshall has developed a system that allows access to easy support among clients in different specialties. It has developed a system that makes it easy for individuals in remote areas to receive services. One of the reasons Cone Marshall has managed to serve clients from overseas markets is having an online system that offers easy filing and sharing of information.


This technology has eliminated much of the wait time that leads to loses among clients and it is one of the reasons Cone Marshall has been receiving work from clients based overseas. Additionally, Cone Marshall has employed skilled professionals who are versed well with the online system to make it easy to process cases.


They are also looking to establish physical offices in other countries to serve the rising demand for their unique estate and tax litigation services.


Professionals behind the success

All the success that Cone Marshall enjoys is a function of the effort its leaders have applied to managing different sections. Since inception in 1999, the firm has emphasized on the need to work with dedicated professionals who understand its mission. Karen Marshall is a leader whose support to the firm has helped it to grow from a basic unit to an international entity.


She boasts of years of experience and in the one decade she has been at the firm, she has introduced many profitable ideas that have also helped to develop Cone Marshall. Geoffrey Cone works with Cone Marshall as the overall leader to ensure all the plans laid are implemented accurately.