Mike Heiligenstein: Introducing a Solution for Texas’s Traffic Woes

One central agency in Texas is responsible for monitoring the state’s traffic situation – the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, or CTRMA for short. The executive director of the agency is Mike Heiligenstein, and he makes sure that all the cities in Texas, especially those who have higher population density like Dallas and Austin, will be having a good traffic flow. However, today’s traffic situation is becoming worse, as more people are deciding to live and come into the cities, taking in their vehicles with them. Traffic jams are worsening, and the streets are becoming clogged with vehicles, and commuters are already stating their negative reaction towards this problem. It transformed into an everyday inconvenience to everyone, and managed to bring discomfort to a lot of people. According to economists, these traffic jams are not only irritating a lot of people, but it is also costing the state billions, in terms of goods and services that are being stuck in roads.



Mike Heiligenstein proposed a solution to install computer systems inside the roads of the state, and new road networks are planned to be built that would ease the problems with traffic. He believes that this futuristic approach will someone alleviate the present traffic congestion problems that the state roads are facing. After the proposal was shown to the state council, they immediately built a new toll road to test how this proposed system will work. Express lanes have been built, and it was opened to everyone who does not want to get into a traffic jam. The response with this new toll road in Austin is highly positive, and people are looking forward to more improvements in the future. Mike Heiligenstein is also teaming up with other software companies who have developed apps that will aid in decongesting the traffic around Texas. Among them are Carma, who has a carpooling service, and one unnamed software application that aims to detect where the next traffic jam might occur.



Mike Heiligenstein is also opening his agency for comments and suggestions from the public on their own ideas on how to improve the traffic situation around Texas. Some of these brilliant ideas were the introduction of smart roads, which would have the ability to communicate directly with smart vehicles, which in turn would result into smaller number of traffic accidents. Another one suggested by the public was free roadside assistance, because some research studies have pointed out that one of the major causes of traffic jams around Texas are breakdowns that can be solved by a simply jumpstarting the vehicle.


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