The Beliefs Of Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia. She was 17 when she came to the United States and spent her time in New York. She now resides in Los Angeles, California. She considers herself to be both ambitious and imaginative and believes in big dreams. Her biggest dream was that of being a musician which she accomplished while in New York.


Doe gained an understand of career and marketing through her time spent as a musician. She learned to appreciate the individuals who attended her events. That was her beginning although eventually she ended up in the field of makeup. She considers herself to have entrepreneurial qualities.


Doe’s very first business was in Russia. When she was 13 she sold temporary tattoos as a novelty item. She had a lot of fun selling them to her classmates. She wore them herself and told everyone it was cool to wear temporary tattoos. She then spent 14 years of her life in New York.


Doe reached adulthood in New York and has a deep fondness for the state. She spent a short time in Manhattan and nine years in Brooklyn. She says Brooklyn was her stomping ground. She associates the time she spent in New York with her band. She met her husband because they were in a band together and from the start were able to collaborate well with each other. They were both writing songs as well as promoting the band and it started their relationship. They work quite well together.


Doe believes people should follow their hearts since there is something special in everyone. A personal quality or unique skill that will allow them to reach their potential. Earlier in life she felt like she was different and alone. It was when she realized she was just like all the other people in the world she created her makeup company Lime Crime.


She went for unusual and bright colors because at that point in time they were incredibly difficult to find. She loved those types of colors and since she couldn’t find what she wanted she created it. She was rather surprised so many girls had the same taste but that was what made Lime Crime profitable.


To Doe, makeup is freedom. The freedom to be herself without being judged. Her background is in fashion and her major in college was also fashion. She believes makeup, hair and fashion go together and create the image of who people are.


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Lime Crime Cosmetics, Providing Makeup for Unicorns


What a catchy name. What is this Cosmetics Company? The company is taking makeup and makeup colors to the next level. Think about unicorns and all their color. Matter-of-fact, on the cosmetic company website it reads, Makeup for Unicorns. How awesome is that? Don’t we all love Unicorns?


This company is also cruelty-free. One may ask what cruelty-free means. If you are an animal lover, this is the brand for you. Cruelty-free means none of the products sold are tested on animals. Let’s face it, are animals even ours? Therefore, this cosmetic company is an animal cruelty-free company that makes colorful makeup suitable for even unicorns!


One that’s looking to change his or her style or step-up their game, take a look at their brand. If you are shopping for that quality Unicorn style, animal cruelty-free lipsticks, liquid liners, superfoils, and more, order at Some additional stores or websites to get authentic products from this company are , Urban Outfitters in the New York, Texas, Illinois, and California, and

The makeup fit for unicorns has information flowing on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and snap chat. Looking at the colorful products sold by them will awaken everyone’s inner Unicorn.

Right now on the company website, there are some very attractive colors and bundles one can choose. They are offering a limited edition velve-tin bundle right now that looks fantastic. There are some eye-catching colors in the Unicorn lipstick line that are new as well, to name a few lace-up, soft spot, bomber, hoodie, choker, and my personal favorite, fishnet.


In conclusion, Lime Crime Cosmetics loves animals, and that is why Leaping Bunny and PETA recognize them as a cruelty-free company. If you care about animals, making a choice to wear this line of cosmetics will be an easy one. Besides, if you are looking for bold, sexy, beautiful, or maybe just a change to something different, take a look at what they have to offer. If they create makeup for Unicorns, and the makeup line is Unicorn approved, the choice should be easy.