Doe Deere Starts Her Day Right

Doe Deere, CEO and founder of Lime Crime, has her own morning routine, which helps to start her day. An exotic beauty known for her magical looks, Deere has found a routine that works for her ultra busy schedule.


The most important part of her morning routine may seem counterproductive to someone who runs a successful online beauty empire. Enough sleep is the key to staying beautiful and Deere makes sure to get enough, so she does not need an alarm to wake her at 830. Another first thing in the morning routine is to drink a full glass of water. In Los Angeles, the air is dry, so hydration is a necessity. Although Deere claims not to be an athletic person, she does stretch to help get her body moving. Then she proceeds to make a full and nutritious breakfast.


The first part of her routine has nothing to do with make up and hair. She prepares her body for the busy day ahead. Her phone is her first line of defense when she wakes up. She checks Instagram, email, and her internal company chat. She tries to avoid digital interference from her morning routine, but she understands it is sometimes a necessity. She does make listening to her favorite music a priority, the Beatles. She wants to tune into her creativity.


The first two steps in this beauty’s routine is to wash and moisturize her face. In order to keep skin in good condition, she understands that it needs to be well kept. Then she uses a high quality foundation, like Loreal True Match, and sets it with powder. Cheeks and lips are her next step in adding color. Make up is the best part of her day, because she gets to be free and express herself.


Deere’s secret to easy hair styling in the morning is to shower the night. Dry and clean hair is easy to style in the morning. She curls her rainbow colored locks. After getting reading in the morning, she spends some time with her furry family members, her two cats Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Battingham. She arrives in her office around noon and tries to leave at a decent time, which is about six. Deere strives to balance her home and work life to make sure she stays creative and healthy.


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