Fun and Simplicity Helped EOS Crush Chapstick

Evolution of Smooth, better known as simply EOS, is an American beauty company. It has revolutionized the lip balm industry.

Chapstick brand lip balms had led the lip balm industry for decades until EOS appeared on the market in 2009. EOS drastically changed the face of lip care by enclosing nourishing mostly organic ingredients in a cute little sphere. With nourishing oils and lip softening ingredients, EOS created lip balms that were fun to use and so delighted users, it outsold Chapstick. In a report by Fast Company, the manufacturers of EOS lip balms felt it was time to have a different look and feel to the waxy lip sticks that passed for lip moisture products.

The quirky round and pastel colored globes created by EOS for their lip balms were seen being used by the likes of Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian, which further boosted their sales.

The lip balms are available in a widening array of fragrances including vanilla mint, grapefruit, blueberry sorbet and more. The delightful packaging in easy to hold orbs allow the product to easily be applied on the go. The fun pastel colors such as pink, light blue and honeydew green are the icing on the cake. Also see,

The EOS lip balms, with their softening natural shea butter along with vitamins C and E, are recommended by dermatologists. They are often featured in the latest beauty magazines such as Elle, Glamour, Racked and Marie Claire.

EOS introduced a shimmer orb that adds a soft color and shine to the delightful natural orb of softness. EOS also makes lip balm in a traditional lipstick shape for those who prefer it, with the same natural ingredients. However, most women, who are the largest market for EOS lip balms, love the fun globe shape and fun colors of the round EOS containers.