George Soros: Successful, Kind, and Resilient in the Face of Opposition

Making money is not easy. It often requires hours of dedication, strain and hard work. It is for this reason that many find it difficult to share their money. However, there are those special few who place greater value on helping people than on money. One of those few is George Soros. The American businessman has made a considerable fortune in the hedge fund business estimated to be around $25 billion. At the same time, however, he has donated close to a half of this fortune to various welfare-promoting programs in countries all around the world. Consequently, while he has given away billions of his own money, George Soros has positively changed the lives of millions.

George Soros’s professional background is in investment and finance. His first job was at London-based merchant bank Singer & Friedlander. His stay at the bank was, however, quite brief as he decided to move to the United States only a few years after being selected for the position. In the U.S. he worked for some firms and banks, primarily as a broker and trading analyst. However, armed with the skills he had perfected from working in the financial sectors in two different continents, he in 1969 decided to form Soros Fund Management – his own hedge fund. Since its formation, the hedge fund has grown tremendously to accumulate assets and investments valued at close to $30 billion.

In 1984, already a wealthy man by then, George Soros realized that he could use his money to help people through political advocacy. Consequently, he decided to support a political foundation in his native Hungary. This endeavor was the beginning of what would later come to be known as the Open Society Foundations – a group of organizations that champion for people’s rights and freedoms. Today the Open Society Foundations have grown to include approximately 20 organizations working on all of the major continents. The resources provided by George Soros go a long way in enabling these foundations to work in the face of government opposition and oppression. Ultimately, the goal of the Open Society Foundations is to create a world where there is no discrimination.

Owing to his strongly held liberal ideas, George Soros has often been the target of right-wing parties in the countries his Open Societies Foundations Operate. For instance, in the United States, his strong opposition to newly proposed immigration and refugee policies has placed him at odds with the president, Donald Trump. A disagreement with the leader of the free world can put the operations of any businessman at great risk. George Soros is well aware of this risk but still insists on standing for what he believes in – freedom, justice, equality and liberty.