Jim Tananbaum – Inquisitive Mind and Success

Dr. Jim Tananbaum is the owner of a few companies and has been a manager of many more businesses in the industry of biotech.

Seven years ago, in 2010, Dr. Jim Tananbaum established his current and largest business – Foresite Capital. The company is operating in the field of investment, and it sponsors and supports businesses working in health care, and more specifically, in biotech, genomics, and the likes. Foresite Capital has established a few offices around the United States of America. The company is present in San Francisco, New York City, Philadelphia, and in a few other locations around the country. That is quite impressive for a company that has been around for less than a decade. Dr. Tananbaum is at the top of the business as he is serving at the post of chief executive officer (CEO).

In his Ideamensch interview, for Dr. James Tananbaum, creating startups and growing them to a stable point is a passion. He has become an expert at growing businesses as he has an innovative vision and significant analytical skills. He has been a leader of many other new companies such as Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Amira Pharmaceuticals, and he has been hired to grow the business on a vast number of occasions.

Some of the other companies that Dr. Jim Tananbaum has established throughout the years include names such as GelTex Pharmaceuticals. That particular company was sold off to the larger Genzyme for more than two billion dollars. Another on of his companies is Theravance and has not been sold off. The business of Theravance has been growing rapidly, but Foresite Capital Management far exceeds any other startup that Dr. James Tananbaum has ever established. Visit the Foresite Capital Facebook page to learn more.

Dr. James Tananbaum received his higher education from world – renowned institutions such as the Yale University and Harvard. Dr. James Tananbaum has a bachelor’s degree as well as a B.S. E. E. from Yale. He acquired his M. D. and his M. B. A. from the Harvard University. Those academic institutions have been a great asset to the professional development of Dr. James Tananbaum. What has helped the most, however, is his inquisitive and innovative mind.

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