Karl Heideck Reveals Growing Litigation Financing Market

Karl Heideck Reveals Growing LitigationIn the article “The 2017 Litigation Finance Market is Taking Hold”, Karl Heideck discusses the growing litigation financing market. Because litigation is a constant risk for companies, they need to make sure they are protected against financial backlash.

Litigation financing provides the financial backing for any lawsuits for those engaged in both large and small scale claims. After significantly growing over the past 6 years, litigation financing is predicted to move through more jurisdictions providing services such as legal financing, portfolio investment, and counseling.

However, the issue comes from the litigation financiers focusing on corporations who are not enthused about allowing external parties to influence asset management. Instead of presenting themselves as a controlling factor of assets, third-party financiers seek to market themselves as a method to settle litigation, providing security for the companies at risk for lawsuits.

This is the first step of legal financing, which is expected to grow and change significantly in 2017. Despite the changes, companies will notice an increase in financial options to protect against litigation fees.

Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia-based attorney specializing in risk management and litigation. After graduating with his Juris Doctorate from Temple University and working with firms like Pepper Hamilton, Karl Heideck went on to become a contract attorney at Hire Counsel.

Karl Heideck has ten years of experience in commercial and civil litigation, corporate law, and intellectual property law. However, since the banking crisis of 2008, Karl Heideck focuses on issues such as liquidity positions, acquisitions, risk management, and transactions.

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