Look Illegal Be Natural

Doe Deere is the founder of a great cosmetic line called Lime Crime. Doe was raised in New York and has always been different, unique and original. She loved showing people who she was with bold bright fun colors. Doe has always new that running a business is what her passion was.


In 2004 she jumped on the eBay bandwagon and started her own DIY fashion business. She created her own outfits, modeled them and placed them for sale on eBay under the name limecrime. The one thing she knew she was missing from her fashion business was amazing make up. This gave Doe the most amazing idea ever. Cosmetics


In 2008 Doe decided to start her own cosmetic line called Lime Crime. She loved the idea of having an online or eCommerce business. This gave her more freedoms to do what she loved. Her start up costs were not as expensive but marketing makeup to woman online was going to be a heard sell. She came up with a creative way to sell her products. Doe tried them all on herself enabling her to show her female customers how the make up would look on them. With animal friendly natural products and bright colors she would model her lipsticks for the woman to see.


Owning your own business online or as a store front you have to keep the communication good in order to be successful. Doe does this by starting each day with meetings with several key people with in her business structure. Doe keeps the communication between the staff and the customer as a number one priority. She has put together a great team of not only upper staff but exceptional customer service reps. Doe even goes as far as working with her chemists to ensure the products are animal friendly and all natural.


He biggest supporter is her husband Mark. He plays a vital role in not only Doe’s personal life but in Lime Crime as well. He holds the title of President of Lime Crime. They have been together for 16 years and have proven that the key to great success is believing in one another and supporting each other in all that they do.


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