Matt Badiali and his Journey to Natural Resource Industry Investments

     Matt Badiali is one of the most successful wealth strategists in the natural resource industry, perhaps across all the industries. His name is a word of trust among his audience and readers as they are sure that his analysis and insights can help them to amass significant wealth in short span of time. Badiali has proved multiple times that he is not a person who sits inside the office and does the calculations based on observations found by others. Instead, he goes to places and identifies the real value of each investment opportunities and its prospects, before advising his audience and readers about it.

It is was an amazing journey for the high-profile editor of the natural resource investment newsletter “Real Wealth Strategist” from Banyan Hill Publishing. He was a professor of geology and started the career with the University of North Carolina and Duke University. During those days, Badiali was approached by a financial expert to help him in the analysis and investment in the natural resource and mining sector. The financial expert identified the need for a geologist in accurately judging the resources to ensure exceptional returns. Badiali joined his team and started traveling the globe, assessing samples of gold mines, examining oil wells, on-site field maps, and more.

Badiali says that he visited many countries during his two-decade career as a natural resource consultant. He has been to Hong Kong, Yukon, Singapore, Vancouver, Mexican deserts, Papua New Guinea, and the journey continues. Badiali produced excellent returns for his financial expert client and helped some of the largest oil companies in the world with his insights and analysis. He is a regular speaker at many major geologic conferences and analyzed natural resources for Exxon Mobil, Anadarko, and other leading players in the industry. Being a financial analyst and geologist has helped him to provide highest quality inputs to the investors.

Matt says that he was always interested in finding opportunities and sharing it with his readers as he felt it makes him more fulfilled and rewarded. He has spent more than 11 years in researching and detailing the financial opportunities with natural resources industry to the readers before joining Banyan Hill Publishing. Interestingly, his portfolios have beaten all the famous investment managers around the world, including the hedge fund, mutual fund, Goldman and Sachs managers, and surprised his readers with excellent results, sometimes over 3500%. In Banyan Hill, he was named as the No. 1 stock picker in the year 2016.