Securus Technologies adds big value in the fight against prison crime

It is shocking to some people to learn the extent to which criminal activity happens in the United States’ prisons themselves. Most people visualize prisons as a location where perpetrating further criminal activity is virtually impossible. With concrete walls, razor wire fences and guards with high-powered rifles, how could it be possible for criminals to continue to ply their trade under such restrictive conditions?


However, not only do criminals continue being criminals once incarcerated, criminal activity within the walls of U.S. prisons is one of the most serious threats the institutions face. Although the vast majority of criminal activity within the United States prison system is of a fairly benign nature, such as the running of unauthorized stores, gambling or other such mundane violations of prison policy or local law, serious criminal activity does, nevertheless, continue to take place.


Shot callers are often able to conspire with those on the outside of the prison to continue running their vast criminal enterprises. Individuals within the prison are often caught smuggling large quantities of highly dangerous drugs, such as heroin or opioids, into the prison, potentially putting at risk the lives of inmates and staff alike.


One company, Securus Technologies, has been developing products over the last 10 years that are helping to put an end to serious criminal activity within the nation’s prison system. Through tools such as JLG Investigator Pro, which is capable of automatically making and storing transcriptions of all conversation that take place over the prison’s communications devices, Securus is striking a blow to the heart of criminal activity within the nation’s prison system.


By making it almost impossible for inmates to perpetrate crimes without being detected, Securus has been able to sharply reduce the number of violations and serious crimes committed throughout the prisons in which it is contracting. In so doing, it is helping to keep the nation’s guards, prisoners and citizens safer.