The Positive Review of NewsWatch TV Earned from Avanca Indiegogo

NewsWatch is a television series that helps to create social awareness of products and services offered by multiple companies. The television program airs after conducting a field research on issues that entail breaking consumer, travel, health, and entertainment. The content of the series is sourced by Amanda Forster, Eric Forest, and Susan Bridges and later hosted by Andrew Tropeano. Before airing the program, NewsWatch employees who have their offices in Washington edit content. The ION Network broadcast the show every week while the AMC Network airs the program after a fortnight. Individuals who seek to watch the television program can also view it by subscribing to NewsWatch social media channels. Viewers get content from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


Since its establishment over two decades ago, NewsWatch TV Reviews has become one of the most watched television programs. The show earns positive reviews from various individuals and companies across the United States, which saw it receive several awards. Marcom Award and Siler Telly award are among awards that NewsWatch received. Millions of Individuals living in America ensure that they are up-to-date with the television program. Multiple celebrities were featured on the show including Bradley Cooper, Denzel Washington, Eddie Redmayne, Colin Firth, Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel and Will Smith among others.


The television series earns an incredible reputation in the media industry for helping various companies to market products. Contour Design, Saygus and Avanca Indiegogo are among firms that have been promoted by the show. The television series helped Avanca to get donations for manufacturing pocket PCs. The company gained over four hundred million dollars from the previous target of four million dollars. Avanca Indiegogo campaign on NewsWatch was through a one-minute promotional segment. The firm acknowledged efforts of the television series through Avanca marketing director, Nathalie Van Wijkvliet. The company is still in partnership with NewsWatch, for campaigns that seek to source funds.