Waiakea Water’s Pioneering Success with Social Responsibility

Waiakea is a big supporter of underprivileged communities, primarily through their partnership with the non-profit Pump Aid, which delivers sustainable clean water solutions to sub-Saharan communities in Africa with a strong focus on Malawi. For every bottle sold, Waiakea will donate a week’s worth of water to these communities. The brand is creating a positive social impact on the lives of millions of consumers, partners and associates, and enabling a better quality of life to millions of the underprivileged.

Along with the the initiative to give back to their worldwide community, the Waiakea brand is committed to encouraging people to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Waiakea Water recently sponsored a social media contest dubbed #FollowYourFlow. The lucky winner got a round trip air ticket to Oahu, Hawaii, courtesy of Skyscanner, and a 4-day free pass to attend the Wanderlust Yoga Festival being held there. The festival is an adventure packed trip that extols mindful living. It includes yoga, live music performances, outdoor adventure activities such as biking and hiking, mindful living lectures and local dining.

Why the social media contest? Waiakea has been riding the trends on social media since its launch, leveraging its power to realize powerful marketing as a brand. To clear up the business networking dynamics, what is the one thing that you are likely to do when you are on a flight, in a hotel, on the road, dining or out on an adventure trip? Pop the cap on a Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water bottle and take a cool, long sip of course!

Thirsty fans will tell you that nothing cuts it better than a cold bottle of Waiakea. Why all the rave about Waiakea bottled water? First, the water bottles are made from fully recycled materials. Think reduced plastic waste in our environment from disposed water bottles.

Second, the water is harvested from regenerative and sustainable sources. It is believed the Kea’au well in Hawaii, the source of the water, regenerates faster than the water can be used up.

Third, the brand promises to deliver more health benefits than any other bottled water on sale. Waiakea water offers a host of health advantages, including being naturally alkaline, a smooth soft taste, minerals and vitamins, and naturally occurring electrolytes. The water purifies naturally by filtering through layers of volcanic rocks. In addition, it is certified as carbon neutral.