What the future holds for Malcolm CasSelle and Wax

The establishment of WAX has outlined the authority of tokenizing in several games stuffs. The firm has also attained certain commitments and achievements which include reducing transaction costs and building new market place for games.


Tokenization implements the ownership of virtual assets hence producing a more convenient economy to grow the physical assets produced in the organization. The physical items transacted into WAX department will rise as network reputation and reliability is recognized. In addition to that, the assets transferred to WAX will also rise security as more people will be willing to invest in the idea.


While a lot of transactions are compiling into the WAX blockchain, the risk inherent of hackers operating the system will be minimal. WAX are under the progress of establishing an ecosystem of assets which could never be changed by the people operating in it. The firm is planning to add virtual items so as to enlarge services that guarantees its tokens.


Malcolm CasSelle is the President of WAX as well as the CTO of OPSkins, which is the leading market area for purchasing and selling products on online video games platform. He has been at the forefront for assisting startups firms which have grown to be prosperous in their own such as XFire and MediaPass.


MediaPass is currently the most prominent digital subscription remedy to media industries while XFire is a worldwide social network for video game participants. Besides his leadership roles in the firms, Malcolm has been an investor in firms like Facebook and Zynga.


Malcolm acquired his degree in Computer Science from two universities which are MIT and Stanford University. He also acknowledges certain languages like Japanese and Mandarian which he uses to guide the local people using them. In his role as the director of a certain investment company located in Hong Kong, he managed private investments into web companies.


Malcolm co- founded PCCW, which is a public telecom service provider in Hong Kong. He used his knowledge and skills to guide and advise certain institutions such as Sensay and Bringhub. Malcolm CasSelle offered mentorship to the startup companies and established ones such as Bitcoin companies.